Classroom Information

Classroom information

Below is a list of classroom expectations.  The classroom expectations follow our school wide PBIS model.  These expectations are introduced on the first day of school and referred to throughout the year.

Be Safe        Be Respectful         Be Responsible


Students who are seen modeling these expectations have the opportunity to earn Buff Tickets.

Re-teach tickets are given when a student has demonstrated a need to be retaught a PBIS expectation.  Reteach tickets are used for minor behaviors when a student has been warned and previously retaught expectations by their teacher and an issue persists.  Office referrals are used when a major behavior is seen, these include but are not limited to things such as fighting, vandalism, or multiple reteach tickets for the same minor behaviors.

Nightly Reading


We encourage our kindergarten students to read for 10 minutes each night. Each month we send home a calendar to help track their progress. Once they have reached their monthly goal, return the calendar, with your signature to school, and they will receive their Pizza Hut Certificate.  

Homework Folders

Each day your child will bring home their homework folder. In this folder there will be two pockets, Keep at Home and Return to School.  Make sure to empty the Keep at Home pocket each night.  In the back of the homework folder there will be a monthly calendar that will include our specials for each day and any special activities for the month.

Classroom Supplies

All your child will need is a water bottle, shoes for PE and a backpack. All other supplies will be supplied by the school.