Third Grade Schedule
7:50- Bus Arrival
7:50-8:10- Breakfast/Morning Recess
8:00- Start Bell
8:00-8:15- Morning Routine
8:20-9:17- Science/Social Studies
9:18-10:09- Specials (See Specials Schedule Below)
10:10-11:59- Reading
12:00-12:15- Lunch Recess
12:16-12:50- Lunch 
12:51-1:19- Writing
1:20-2:30- Math
2:31-2:45- Afternoon Recess
2:46-3:10- Skill Practice
3:13- Dismissal

Specials Schedule:
Monday: Music/P.E.
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: Music/P.E.
Thursday: Library/Computers
*Music and P.E. will be split evenly during specials. On Mondays, we will go to Music first. On Wednesdays, we will go to P.E. first. 
*Friday specials will be on a rotation, so I will always keep you posted on which special we have for that week! It will also be on their monthly calendar, which can be found in their planner.